Why Men Need More Than One Pair of Glasses

Most men who wear glasses have one pair that is their go-to eyewear. Like a pair of favorite shoes, these are the glasses that get picked up for everyday wear and seem almost like a part of his personality. But the reality is that having just one pair of glasses is often a poor choice as different frames can meet your different daily lifestyle needs and whims.


No one thinks twice about buying special shoes for their exercise regime, so why not consider special glasses? For highly active men in physical sports, prescription goggles or even prescription safety glasses can be worn to protect their eyes during the exercise. Eyewear that is tailored to your preferred activity can help reduce eye strain or danger to the eyes and potentially improve your game performance. After all, if you’re trying to hit a baseball in the afternoon sun, prescription sunglasses to cut the glare might make it easier to see the ball.

For specific sports, consult with your optometrist or optician to find the best type of eyewear to protect your eyes and enhance your performance. Men who work with tools may also want to consider prescription safety glasses for those times when they are handling a drill or saw.


Not getting the right eyewear for the right activity can result in glasses of disasters. A lost screw can result in a dangling earpiece and glasses that won’t stay on your face. Dropped glasses or an elbow to the face in a game of one-on-one basketball can break or bend frames making them difficult or impossible to wear.

No one wants to think about what happens when their glasses break, but the likelihood is that no matter how careful you are, at some point you’ll end up with broken glasses. Having a spare pair can prevent the hassle and cost of getting an emergency replacement, especially when the breakage happens on a Sunday afternoon or far from home.


Men may also want to consider a second pair of glasses for fashion reasons. Glasses that are appropriate for an afternoon of sailing or a night at the club might not be the best ones to wear to the office on Monday. The glasses for hanging out with the guys at the ballpark may not be the same ones you want for taking a date to dinner.

Men’s eyewear no longer consists of the same three frame styles our grandfathers had. Make an appointment now and visit your local optometrist for an updated eye exam and then take a look around for a couple of new pairs of glasses. An extra pair or two to meet your lifestyle demands are just what the doctor ordered.