Do You Need Eye for an Eye? – Reading Glasses

Far vision or “Presbyopia” is not a disease; it is a natural process of aging. It is a point where you find difficulty in reading books or viewing any close object. This is the time you need spectacles. People who don’t know how to diagnose this problem need not worry. It is unpretentious; you may have a severe headache, your eyes may feel strained and make your vision blurred, and you cannot read books properly, that is, you will bring the book closer to your eyes or hold it in a very unusual manner. Not only this, you find intricacy in drawing, hemming or playing cards. One more obstacle you may face is the inability to see foodstuff in your platter, sounds funny but that’s true. These points are sufficient to diagnose your vision; now you need reading glasses.

There are two types of reading glasses; full frames and half-eyes. Full frames are more suited to those who spend most of their time seeing objects or reading a manuscript because its lenses are prescription glasses. Half-eye glasses have a small frame that sits comfortably on the nose and is popularly known as “Ben’s Franklin” stylish glasses. Half-eye glasses allow you to see the nearer object through the lens and the distant object from the upper side.

There is one more type of lens; Bifocals. This is a dual-purpose lens because this is designed for far-vision as well as short-vision. Initially, one should use reading glasses because bifocals take a little time for adjustment.

When we wear reading glasses in the sunlight, it will pinch our eyes because of the UV radiation. For this, one can use bi-focal sunglasses, designed to see far away as well as lower half for reading purposes. These are tinted reading glasses.

Many people prefer to change their glasses based on a computer-based test. I don’t say that is wrong but a genuine test prescribed by the doctor is more helpful. Why may you ask? We change the power of the lens after a long time because of the non-negligible corrections and therefore the changed power should be investigated appropriately by the doctor. Prescription reading glasses are advised by doctors; they advise so because direct contact of eyes to sunlight can damage your retina or pupil. Doctors, therefore, suggest wearing sunglasses when you go out.

These days, there are various types of stylish frames available in the market, both for reading purposes and sunglasses. People get bored with using the same frame for a long time, so readers and users now can also buy prescription glasses online. There are various brands of sunglasses. Every brand reflects its unique style. Please check the edge of the glass while purchasing; it will display the brand name. Utilize the best services online from any store.

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