Protective and Fashionable Bifocal Safety Glasses

Every organ is significant and so are the eyes. When it comes to protecting our eyes from the scorching heat of the sun, dust, chemicals and other expected or unexpected, congenial or unfavorable environments, we think of wearing fashionable eyewear having the safety of bifocal safety glasses.

What is safety eyewear?

The safety bifocal lens comprises a small corrective lens on the inner side to correct vision defects like astigmatism, myopia, and hypermetropia while on the outer side is another lens that may be tinted to give an attractive look. Altogether these safety bifocal glasses leave us fully satisfied with all features. Interestingly, there is also an anti-fog layer on the outer lens that protects the formation of fog on the glasses thus protecting from many serious challenging situations. Thus safety or protective eyewear suits ALL.

Difference between regular and safety eyewear

The major difference between the regular and safety wear can be understood from the names itself. But to elucidate, every safety wear glass is meant to have high impact resistance, which is much to do with the protection of the eyes.

Both the lenses and frame has to be of high quality and protective standard.

To talk on the information ground, American National Standards Institute (ANS) establishes standards for many eye safety devices. The lenses are made to go through various tests i.e. usually prescriptive or Plano lenses. The prescriptive lens is thicker than the Plano lens and hence is more reliable but with ongoing progress in science, even Plano (non-prescriptive) lenses are also being used on condition that they have high impact resistance power.

The impact is both basic and high which is tested. Talking briefly, a high-velocity test is undertaken in which a steel ball is shot having diameter one-fourth of an inch at the speed of 150 ft/sec. The test is positive if the lens does not break or corrode or chip and neither should it be displaced from the lens holder.

Another interesting feature

They are made of a lightweight element named polycarbonate. The frames also are tested for high impact rate and then are instilled with all trendy looks and colors being not only light in weight but also comfortable.

Boon for your eyes

Sports- For sports like golf, hunting, shooting, etc that requires very precise and perfect vision always choose matte finish lenses with a coating of a non-reflective element.

For fishing use polarized tint safety glass wear. The polarized tint removes the glare that helps in seeing the water.

Photochromatic lenses can also be used while playing in sunlight to gift your eyes complete rest.

Thus, this new invention has perfectly benefited all with one more step of advancement in optical science. People can, therefore, get serious for protecting their eyes so that they can save their eyes from any uncertainties and potential dangers and hence can do well for themselves. Bifocal safety glasses are the glasses we all were waiting for. Time to protect our eyes!

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