Celebrity Halloween Costumes With Glasses

Trying to think of a great Halloween costume that will fit your glasses? Why not go as your favorite celebrity? There are so many iconic Hollywood figures that you can dress up as on Halloween. From John Lennon to Audrey Hepburn, going celebrity has never looked so cool. So get your glasses ready. We’re going Hollywood!

Audrey Hepburn

Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Pin your hair up, put on a little black dress and find your oversized sunglasses, you’re going as Holly Golightly. Hepburn made the character her own when she starred in Blake Edwards’ look at a New York socialite who fantasized about Tiffany jewelry. The iconic moment when Hepburn stands outside of the jewelry store with her oversized black glasses is etched in the minds of the movie-going public and can be a welcome costume change to Halloween. Just don’t forget your Huckleberry friend!

John Lennon

Everyone recognizes those round glasses that Lennon made famous during the late sixties and continued to wear up to his death in 1980. Add a peace sign and sandals to the costume and you’re ready to hit the scene as one of the greatest musicians alive. All you need is love and some tea shade glasses. A Paul McCartney or Yoko Ono by your side might make for an interesting evening.

Buddy Holly

Perhaps one of the forgotten few rockabilly kings of the late 50s, Buddy Holly burst onto the emerging rock scene with his colorful song lyrics and his thick black-framed glasses. With such classic songs as ‘Peggy Sue’ and ‘That’ll Be the Day,’ Holly is fondly remembered as the nerd with a golden voice.

Sarah Palin/Tina Fey

You can’t go wrong with parodying Tina Fey parodying Sarah Palin. The one-time vice presidential candidate makes for a great costume, with her Momma Bear attitude and black glasses, but you can add another dimension to this fantastic costume by portraying Fey portraying Palin. Find yourself an Amy Poehler/Hillary Clinton candidate, and you’re a walking Saturday Night Live Skit.

Johnny Depp

Depp has an unending array of eyeglass choices, from thick black frames to his current tortoiseshell round glasses; and throughout the years, his frame choices have evolved, but no matter, Depp has been at the forefront of eyewear trends. Find some tortoiseshell glasses, throw on a hat, and you’re on your way to be the great Jack Sparrow himself.

Halloween is meant to be a fun holiday, and if you wear glasses, there are still plenty of creative options for you. These are just a few of the celebrities who are known for their specks, so don’t feel limited. However, before you hit the street, begging for those sweet treats, be sure to have your eyes examined. Getting an eye exam before Halloween means you can be sure that your glasses are the right prescription for you, and are not limiting your vision. Halloween is a time for treats, not trips, so don’t forget your glasses!