Letting Your Kid Pick Their Glasses

Many parents are hesitant about letting their children pick out glasses, but for a child, how their glasses look on them is extremely important. They want glasses that look cool and are fashionable, while parents simply want frames that will last through the rigors of a school day. However, there is a happy medium that can be reached. You can find glasses that are durable and fashionable so that you and your child are happy with the choice.

Younger Children

It may be best with younger children to guide them into their glasses choice; that is, you should pick out two or three pairs that fit your criteria but have a cute look about them that your young child can choose from. Eyeglass shops will have cute frames for children, many with fun colors. These styles of frames are specifically designed with younger children in mind, so parents can feel assured that the glasses will have the durability and strength needed to withstand a day on the playground.

Let your child try on the frames you have chosen to see how they like them. Glasses should not be picked solely on the look, but fit and comfort as well, so children should try on their frames before making a decision. This will also help to determine if the frames are too big or too small for the child. You may even want to give the child one choice of the frame that they choose to try on so that they are invested in the process.

Older Children

Once children reach middle and high school, the choice of frames should become solely theirs, within a budget of course. You should give a price range you are willing to spend on glasses so your teenager can find a pair of glasses that fit both your wallet and their look. With older children, you will find that they are drawn more toward designer brands because that is what is popular. While there are many affordable designer brands available for teenagers, this should not be the determining factor in their choice. They need to consider fit, look and price before thinking about designer brands, but naturally, teenagers will gravitate toward name brands.

You may want to invest a little research into the many virtual eyeglass programs available on the internet so that your child can try on several different brands and styles of frames before ever stepping foot into an eyeglass shop. See if your eyeglass shop has a virtual frames program on their website, so your child can peruse through all the frames available there and make a decision before they sit for their annual eye exam. This way, children and teenagers feel they have exhausted all choices, had a hand in choosing their frames and can feel confident that their choice is the best for them.