What’s Better – Prescription Or Over-The-Counter Glasses

Another option is obtaining prescription glasses online, which many are turning to instead of visiting their optician. The best route is to learn a little more about the options and then go from there. Here are the basic differences between RX and non-RX glasses.

• Can be cheap but also high quality
• There’s a huge variety of colors and styles
• They are faster to obtain which means convenience
• There’s a possibility to find specialty items such as Transitions and computer glasses
• There’s no need for an appointment for scripts and to pick up glasses
• They’re cheaper and a good option for kids or anyone that breaks or loses them often
• They have aspheric, bifocals and high-power styles

• Very high quality but costly
• There’s a selection of brand name glasses
• All vision needs are addressed
• There is no guessing on which strength is best
• Can be purchased using insurance
• Lens coatings are available
• The frame is fitted by professionals

More about non-prescription
Non-prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) reading glasses are easily found at most pharmacies and retail stores. They can also be found at prescription glasses, online retailers. These glasses can be obtained without an official prescription from the optician or eye doctor. Rest assured they still have a magnification that typically goes from +0.25 up to =6.00. This is known as strength or power. Many are successful just going to their chosen retailer and trying each on to see which aids their sight the most. It’s much less expensive and less hassle. Honestly, they work just as great as the correct prescription would.

Finding the best reading strength
Anyone that still has concerns about pharmacy, Rx or prescription glasses online should consider that no matter where they are purchased the entire experience should be simple. If it’s at all complicated, one may wish to consider another source. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each supplier.

Pharmacies – It’s easy to find discount glasses in the pharmacy, although the selection is usually quite picked over and the styles are much more plentiful online.

Readers or Prescription glasses online- Many are turning to stores online, as they have the largest stock of colors, sizes, prices, and power levels. It’s easy to find specialty items online like customizable pairs for those who need a different power or strength in each eye and high-powered readers.

Optometrist – Getting glasses for reading from the eye doctor’s office is almost always more expensive, although sometimes they do offer great deals such as buy one pair, get one free. However, most who decide to go this direction do it because they have quite special eye care needs that can’t be met in other ways.

Finding a Pair with Your Prescription
Reading glasses have a set level as mentioned above. Use what is called a diopter chart of seeing an optometrist figure what strength is best. Then, simply shop at a discount store, or even prescription glasses online to save money and still get the style that’s desired. Even high-powered readers can be found online!

At the end of the day, one will never know the deals they can find when they obtain prescription glasses online or readers online from a reputable store unless they give it a try. They usually find it was worth the chance, as shopping from home is much less stressful.