The History of Glasses

Interestingly enough, vision-correction has been around since the early Chinese civilizations. There were several unique – compared to modern-day knowledge – techniques to help people see better. Our ancestors’ ancestors used tricks with water, gems, and of course: glass to… Read moreThe History of Glasses

Goggles Over Glasses

Goggles over glasses are used not only by motorcyclists and bikers but also by skiers, snowboarders and those who want maximum protection for their eyes – especially if they are wearing prescription glasses. These goggles are not only comfortable to… Read moreGoggles Over Glasses

Glasses – No Longer Ugly

Just several generations ago, people wearing spectacles would probably be regarded as bookworms, and a majority of them always found themselves look ugly with glasses. However, today is a brand-new era! Companies are designing different types of eyewear, even reading… Read moreGlasses – No Longer Ugly

Wearing Glasses Story

Not so long ago, getting prescription glasses meant you were a nerd who had strained your eyes with too much study – or you were getting really, really old! Today, however, prescription eyeglasses are proving more popular than ever as… Read moreWearing Glasses Story