Motorcycle Goggles & Motorcycle Glasses – What to Look For in a Quality Pair

Frames that are tough and durable, 2 main types to pick from

What to look for in frames. When choosing your Motorcycle Goggles or Glasses, look for quality frames. Polycarbonate frames are tough and shatter-resistant. They are a top quality frame and a very good quality frame. Another top-quality frame is Grilamid TR90 frame, frames made out of this material are very tough. It is a very lightweight frame, non-allergenic and they offer increased durability. Grilamid is a nylon compound and offer greater flexibility. These type frames allow the frames to flex to the face for a more comfortable fit.

You want top-quality lenses that are tough and shatter-resistant

There is really only 1 lens material you should think about and that is Polycarbonate. When picking a pair of Motorcycle Goggles or Motorcycle Glasses, you want a very tough, durable lens. Polycarbonate is that lens, they are very durable, lightweight, and a top-quality lens that will provide startling optical clarity if they meet ANSI Z80.3 for optical clarity. Polycarbonate lenses are the preferred lens for most performance eyewear. These lenses are ideal for any extreme sport and provide against high-mass and high-velocity impact. Polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant and will not splinter if hit by fast-moving objects, such as small objects or small stones, which is essential for Motorcycle Goggles & Motorcycle Glasses. You do want maximum eye protection. You want lenses that provide 100% UVA & UVB protection and meet ANSI Z80.3 optical standards for UV protection and optical clarity.

There are 2 main types of foam for maximum eye protection

Foam on Motorcycle Goggles, there’s usually 2 types of foam to pick from. There’s open-cell or closed-cell foam. Adding foam to your Motorcycle Goggles helps reduce wind flow, prevents debris from getting into eyes and also helps to reduce vibration.

The open-cell foam tends to be lighter, softer and more sweat-absorbent than closed-cell. The open-cell foam also tends to provide a tighter seal fit because it is softer and conforms to the face better.

Closed-cell foam has lower water absorption while being weather and chemical resistant. The closed-cell foam also helps to provide some ventilation to help in reducing fogging and it also tends to be more durable than the open cell type foam.

Base curve and what it means

If you see the base curve used in any description, that means that that is the front curve of any lens. The higher the base curve, the more curved they to wrap around the face, thus making it a wrap-around design. High based curve lenses are between 8 and 12 bases.

When picking out a pair of top quality pair of Motorcycle Goggles, these are some of the things you want to be looking for.

We offer a wide range of Motorcycle Goggles & Motorcycle Glasses and 85% of them will accommodate your prescription lenses. They all provide 100% UVA & UVB protection and they provide ANSI Z 80.3 for UVB protection and optical clarity. Some have to meet ANSI Z87.1 for use as safety eyewear. All eyewear that we sell comes with Polycarbonate Lenses and either Polycarbonate frames or Grilamid TR90 frames. They are supreme quality eyewear for maximum eye protection, and they are tested by our supreme staff, we are motorcyclists first, providing top quality Motorcycle Goggles & Motorcycle Glasses. Visit for your maximum eyewear purchase.