Achieve Your Dream With Online Progressive Eye Glasses

Progressive eyeglasses are glasses that are always applied to correct presbyopia and other disorders of accommodation. Just as its name implies, the progressive lens is of a gradient of increasing lens power, where there is no additional power at the top while a maximum addition power at the bottom. The lens power is determined by the specific eyesight condition of a specific wearer. Compared with the bifocal and trifocal glasses, progressive eyeglasses avoid the discontinuities, or say image-jumps, in the visual field, which may result in discomfort and dizziness of the wearer.

Due to this feature, progressive eyeglasses are more popular among the elders, because wearing them, they would be no longer required big adjustments to head position since the length of the progressive power gradient on the lens surface is shorter. However, the problem is that progressive eyeglasses usually price high. A pair of ordinary progressive glasses costs at average 400 US dollars, therefore, some elders state that they can not afford a pair and it is not worth so much money. Thus, there are a small proportion of elder people in the US have enjoyed the convenience brought by progressive glasses.

Now here, I’d like to announce the good news that you can achieve your dream of enjoying the convenience with online progressive eyeglasses.

Since its inception in 1950s, online progressive eyeglasses develops rapidly. Of course, the biggest attraction of online progressive eyeglasses is the low price. One is able to buy a pair of progressive eyeglasses at a price about one-fourth of those brought in an entity shop. It is really a surprising price, right? But then, some people may doubt the authenticity of this on-line shopping behavior. The following two points are able to convince those people:

First, online progressive eyeglasses are of low cost, because of the eliminating fee on renting, fitment and payment to the shop assistants or so. On the contrary, those expenditures are excluded from sales on-line. Not to mention the fee on renting and fitment, two or three persons are enough to handle the whole selling process. Second, online progressive eyeglasses are often directly sold from the factory, therefore, unnecessary expenditure on an intermediary is eliminated as well.

Therefore, if you are a person who has dreamed to wear progressive glasses but have never tried because of the high cost, you can try to buy progressive glasses online. You are believed to be satisfied with your choice and the glasses you finally get.

What I would like to remind you, at last, is that before you go shopping online, you should first get a prescription in a licensed and professional glasses shop. This is important, and you should never belittle this procedure because the ophthalmology and prescription of the progressive glasses need high and technology to provide you the accurate lens power suitable to you most.