How To Improve Your Vision With Pinhole Glasses

To answer the question of how pinhole glasses improve your vision, we must first address the question, why do we develop poor vision in the first place? Why do we need to wear glasses?

There are a number of reasons one develops the poor vision, but the main cause is stress.

In order to see clearly, all of the light beams that enter the eyes must meet at the same point on the retina.

In order to keep images in focus, the lens in the front of the eye adjusts so that the light meets in the correct spot.

(This is very similar to how a camera works. The camera lens also adjusts to keep things in focus.)

When the body experiences stress, that stress may manifest itself in the eyes. When this happens, the lens of the eye becomes rigid, losses its fluidity and stops adjusting properly. The result is that the light beams that enter the eye will either meet before or after the retina, and this causes blurry vision.

When someone puts on a pair of glasses, the lens in the glasses adjusts the light, so that the beams meet on the correct area on the retina. This results in a clear vision.

While the person may now be able to see clearly, this causes the lens of the eye to become rigid and locked into one place. The lens is extremely delicate and is designed to be flexible – not rigid and locked.

Over time as one wears glasses, the lens of the eye becomes weaker and weaker, requiring them to get stronger and stronger prescriptions.

There are a number of ways you can prevent and even cure poor eyesight. One of the methods is by wearing pinhole glasses.

Pinhole glasses direct all of the light that enters your eye directly onto your retina. Eliminating the need for the light beams to meet.

This not only relaxes the lens of your eyes, but it also results in a clear vision.

People who have worn glasses for years have reported that they were able to read clearly without their glasses as soon as they put on a pair of pinhole glasses.

Nowadays there are many styles of pinhole glasses, many of which look like designer sunglasses. You can wear them in public without anyone noticing and they will not only relax and strengthen your eyes, but they’ll also act as sunglasses!

One note of warning, pinhole glasses should not be worn while driving or at any other time you need to use your peripheral vision. While pinhole glasses are a great tool for restoring your natural vision and relaxing your eyes, they cut out your peripheral vision and affect your ability to adjust the distance.

Pinhole glasses are not expensive (typically running between $25-$40), and can be worn by anyone, regardless of their glasses prescription. They are a great, modern alternative to glasses and sunglasses.

Looking for more tips on how to achieve the perfect vision?

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