How Often Should You Update Your Glasses?

As time goes by one of the last things we think about is updating our eyeglasses. It isn’t until they are hanging on by a thread of plastic – or if we’re creative enough: tape – that we even contemplate shelling out the funds for a new pair. Glasses are expensive! And anyway, why ruin a good thing? Well, there are a lot more dangers to keeping old eyeglasses than you may have anticipated. Besides the possibility that taped frames just aren’t as fashionable as one may think, it is more likely than not that your old glasses could negatively affect your vision. Furthermore, expensive glasses are a thing of the past. Enjoy this guide to better understand why you should stay up-to-date on your prescription eyeglasses.

Our eyes do change over time. If you are already wearing prescription eyeglasses, it can be possible that your vision will change slightly between doctor visits. However, while it is a bit less likely that your prescription details will change, old glasses bring a slew of other problems. Whenever the tiniest scratch nicks your lenses, a change is made to your focal points in the lenses. Even hairline scratches that can’t be seen by the naked eye can ultimately make a difference to your eyesight. Your eyes must get used to what they’re looking at. If you can remember back to when you first began wearing glasses, it took a little while to get used to having something in front of your eyes – even if that item helped you see better. It takes a while. If there is some sort of scratch, dust, or dirt on your lenses your eyes will soon get used to it. Therefore, waiting to fix your eyeglasses – or stalling investment in new ones – can actually affect your vision. To the same degree, broken frames can also make a negative impact. If the lenses are twisted or torqued separately than your vision needs require, you can and will have trouble seeing! These may be aspects that you never even thought about when holding onto your three, five, or ten-year old glasses…

Now that you understand the importance of updating your frames and lenses every year to every other year, you’re probably wondering how you’re ever going to afford it, right? Well, luckily the Internet is here! Buying glasses online is the new and modern way to not only keep your eyes healthy but refrain from spending your life savings in the process! You can simply get your prescription details from your doctor and use your existing frames to know your size. It’s pretty easy. There is such a large selection of frame types – with no skimping on the quality. Most people of today are tired of spending upwards into 300-400% for their glasses! Aren’t you?

So, now you have no excuses! You know the health of your future vision depends on keeping your prescription eyeglasses up-to-date, you simply need to do it! Furthermore, now that technology has become so readily available, the Internet is our friend when it comes to our eyes! You can head to your doctor – just to be sure whether or not your prescription has changed – and then go back home and order glasses there! Happy Shopping!

Hillary Glaser is the Director of Marketing and Special Projects for – the easiest way to buy glasses online. She oversees day-to-day operations for all marketing and promotions of eyeglasses for the company.