Top Tips to Choosing Men’s Glasses Frames

When it comes to choosing men’s glasses frames you have to be very selective in your decision. You may see a pair you like, but once you put them on and see your reflection in the mirror, you cannot get them off quick enough.

The reason for this is that there are certain types of specs that suit different facial shapes, so the first step to choosing men’s glasses frames is to know your facial shape.

Those with a square face, such as David Beckham or Arnold Schwarzenegger, will always benefit from around design in a thin frame. When you have this facial structure, you don’t want a heavy frame, but rather a frame that will blend into your face.

Those with a rounder face, such as Gerard Butler and Jack Black, will suit any shaped men’s glasses frames. The rounder face is one of the facial structures where you won’t find yourself restricted when it comes to the overall design of the specs.

Heart-shaped facial structures similar to Johnny Depp or Jason Castro will always enjoy the look that rounder specs provide.

The most important consideration is to ensure that the men’s glasses frames you choose are not obtrusive on your face. While thicker and darker frames are in fashion, they are not suitable for everyone, which is why you should try on some frames either in-store or using virtual mirrors, to see which will best suit your facial shape and coloring.

Men’s glasses frames come in a host of different color options and this can be exceptionally difficult when it comes to choice. There is one rule of thumb that you may want to follow. If you work in a corporate environment and spend most of your day in a suit and tie, then a thinner metal glasses frame may be the best choice for you. If you are more a casual dresser then you can choose just about any color and get away with it.

Many people prefer purchasing their specs online. The online opticians offer high-quality specs at affordable prices, this enables you to purchase more than one pair for around the same price as you would pay for one pair on the high street. This means that if you work in a corporate environment, but love relaxing on weekends, you can choose two completely different designs to suit your personality.

Size is also important when making your decision. It’s important not to choose a pair of men’s glasses frames that take over your entire face, which is why it’s so important that you imaging the specs on your face and the overall look they will provide.

See if you can find an online optician that offers a virtual mirror. This enables you to upload your photograph and try on different specs. You can then share your pic with friends and family to get their honest opinion before placing your order.

The material you choose for your specs is very important. For a lighter and comfortable option, you may want to go with plastic. Plastic is a very light and durable material. Though those in the corporate world will be better off with a metal frame. If you choose metal, try and go with a lightweight frame, reducing the amount of pressure on the bridge of your nose.

Remember that any specs you choose must be comfortable. If they are too big, you may find you get headaches. In many cases, people will put the headaches down to eye strain, but in fact, it is you constantly frowning as you try and keep the specs on your face.

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