The Reasons Women Should Have More Than One Pair of Glasses

Ladies, it’s time to get real about your eyewear: you can’t just have one pair of glasses. Just like shoes, glasses are both something you honestly need to make it through the day and accessories that can either make or break a carefully crafted ensemble.


Glasses, exactly like shoes, are an accessory. The frames you choose to wear for the day will help to define the spirit of your whole look in the same way that a statement necklace or bracelet would. You wouldn’t want to wear chunky hipster glasses to a black-tie function, but they would be perfect for a Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. When you have only one pair of glasses, they have to function in all situations, which means your frame choice is nonexistent. When you have more than one pair of frames, the sky is your limit, and you can have both the funky frames you love and the sleek frames you need for more subdued occasions.

Colors Everywhere

Colored frames are becoming wildly popular, especially among young professionals. However, you don’t want your wardrobe restricted just because you love wearing colored frames! We all know that certain colors don’t go with others, so you might not want to wear your bright pink frames to be your only option when you’re drooling over a forest green dress in the store.

Accidents Can and Do Happen

Nobody wants to admit it, but even adults break or misplace their glasses. How many times have you been late to work because you misplaced your glasses the night before? Remember that time when you left your glasses in the cab after a night out with the girls, too? And that’s not to mention the time you fell asleep with your glasses on and managed to mangle the frames in the night. Having at least one more pair as a backup makes these little “oops” moments into just mistakes instead of emergency rushes to an expensive retailer to be sure to have glasses in one hour.

The Expense

It might surprise you to learn that there are eyeglass retailers that offer amazing deals on eyewear that end up making it almost as inexpensive to own two pairs of glasses to buy just one pair. Everyone’s on a budget these days, and you’re no different, so it just makes sense to try to get yourself the best possible deal, especially when it comes to the cute designer frames you want but are afraid you can’t afford.

Des Taylor is Senior Vice President of Merchandising of Eyeglass World, a nationwide eyeglasses superstore. With over 60 superstores across the country, Eyeglass World is one of the industry’s leading eyewear chains. Each Eyeglass World location has a lab in-store which allows them to fill prescription eyeglasses on the same day in most cases.