Glasses Trends to Inspire Anyone in 2016 – Find the Best This Year!

There are three main types of frame, first off. They are full frame, half frame, and bifocals. Depending on the prescription (or lack of) one will need to consider the benefits of each before shopping.

Choosing Full Frame, Half Frame, or Bifocal Glasses
Full frame, half frame, and bifocal reading glasses all have different benefits and come in many cheap designer glasses styles for each individual.

Full Frame: With readers that are full-frame style, the whole lens contains the same amount of power for correction. These are perfect for those who only need to wear glasses for short amounts of time, or who need aid seeing up-close.

Half Frame: Half frame glasses have a narrow lens that allows the wearer to see over them for distance views. They are perfect for those who wear them for extended amounts of time, such as at work or school, or driving so they can still see at a distance as well.

Bifocals: This type of reading glasses offer both an unmagnified lens on top, and a magnifying lens on the bottom. Perfect for seeing both near and far, there are plenty of cheap designer glasses available both online and off for those who have to accomplish this vision multitasking.

Popular trends this year
From sporty and fun to classic and minimalistic there are several trends one can follow this year when shopping for cheap designer glasses. Explore what each has to offer and decide which one or more styles will work perfectly into the lifestyle at hand.

Casual – With a round form and colorful frames for the bold, these frames and glasses are from all the best designers and will go with any leisurely outfit to include jeans and a t-shirt to sweats and a hoodie. They’ll give an effortless look to one’s ensemble but still be trendy.

Minimalistic – The “barely there” look is achieved with minimalistic, cheap designer glasses found in stores and online. Clean-looking clear and pastel frames are highly sought-after in the fashion world and this is an upward trend to invest in!
Classic – Half-round for men and large frames for women in simple brown and black colors achieve this classic and clean look perfect for work, school or anytime really. Styles are elegant and projected to continue to next season as well.

Vintage – What can beat the charming, half-round glasses for women that go perfectly with their vintage styles? Cheap designer glasses with a vintage look are easy to find, and men are raving over retro caramel and honey colors for their frames.

Sophisticated – Over the top accessories, unique colors and out-of-the-norm cuts are what make this year’s sophisticated style favorites. They are more round for women and typewriter-style for men.

Shopping for Deals
It’s easy for anyone to get cheap designer glasses via online stores. Whether one needs a prescription or not, they’ll love the wide selection and speedy shipping. They can often get two or three pairs for the price of one! However, these deals also sometimes carry over to the optician’s office so it’s best to compare styles, brands, and deals both online and off. Savvy shoppers know that there are deals to be had both ways, and take advantage of the best whilst still considering their personal eyewear needs.