Why Choose Velocity Sunglasses For Eye Safety and Style?

In the past, sunglasses were seen as a style accessory for making fashion statements and were worn mostly by celebrities and fashionistas rather than common people. But, with the raising awareness about vision and how harmful the glare and the UV rays of the sun are to the eyes, it has become more of a necessity. The harsh glare of the sun can lead to drowsiness are created distraction while driving, and the harmful UV rays of the sun can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, and even cancer.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from all these problems. And if you have decided to purchase sunglasses, it is best to invest in quality brands such as Velocity sunglasses which are one of the best sunglasses brand ideal for driving.

Why Choose Velocity Sunglasses?

Velocity sunglasses are manufactured by Serengeti Eyewear, which is a world-famous brand of high-end designer sunglasses. The brand adopts state of the art technology to develop sunglasses that provide complete eye protection without compromising on style. Serengeti is a reliable name in the field of sunglasses that has a rich history. Serengeti ensures superior quality products that provide sustaining performance. It puts special emphasis on the protection of vision and Velocity polarized sunglasses are excellent for subduing the glare. Serengeti lenses are photo-chromatic which naturally adjusts to the changing lights.

Features of Velocity Sunglasses Models

Velocity sunglasses are manufactured following advanced technology to ensure safety and comfort with comprehensive attention to detail and design.

Light Weight Titanium Frame: Because Serengeti’s Velocity Sunglasses are specially designed for driving purposes, they are made of titanium frame that is lightweight and comfortable, putting minimal pressure on the bridge of the nose. The Photochromatic feature of the lens changes color according to the brightness of the light so that you don’t miss any detail while driving.

Superior Photochromic Technology: The lenses are manufactured following superior photochromic technology that changes according to the intensity of UV radiation. In the case of bright sunlight, the lens molecules expand and darken the lens so that it absorbs the light. In dark places, the molecules shrink and allow more light to pass through so that your eyes receive the optimal amount of light at all times.

Spectral Control: The human eye can see a wide range of colors and the specially designed lens interact with the full spectrum of light to selectively manage light wavelengths which reduces glare and haze and increases contrast so that your vision becomes sharper and clearer. This feature also blocks out blue light and reduces eye fatigue.

Frame Technology: Serengeti gives equal importance to frame technology as well, and all the frames are engineered and handcrafted by experts. Serengeti uses superior quality frame material such as titanium, stainless steel, acetate and injected nylon to provide ultimate comfort and perfect fit along with an elegant appearance.

All these features make Velocity stand out from the rest of the sunglasses brands.