Four Things Sunglasses Lovers Must Know

Sunglasses are the ultimate weapon to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and the thin layer of skin around the eyes from sun damage. Besides that, sunglasses are a reliable accessory to make you look instantly cool. However, as sunglasses lovers would perhaps already know, these benefits come at a price. It turns out, sunglasses are not without their share of troubles and at some point, we all face some nagging issues with them.

So, here are some issues often faced with sunglasses and how to deal with them.

Face Tanning

Ever noticed untanned eye skin that traces the shape of your favorite eyewear? Nothing can be more annoying than a two-toned face. While sunglasses protect the eyes and the delicate skin around it, they can’t help the rest of the face. So before sporting sunglasses, a good sun-screen on the face is a must.

Out of Fashion

Fashion waves come and go and that applies to sunglasses more than ever. Eccentric, over the top frames, may be the hot thing now but they’ll probably be on their way out soon. Wearing outdated eyewear can sap your confidence and your look and junking them, your pocket. So, before jumping headlong into the latest fashion trend, a wise move is to look for shapes that suit one’s face, with a mélange of a new feature and a classic style. This can help elongate the life of your style of sunglasses. And of course, there are some classic styles that one doesn’t go wrong with that are always a good investment.

Breaking & scratching

In the United States every 14 minutes someone loses, breaks or sits on a pair of Sunglasses. Breaking and scratching sunglasses are common and rather annoying. Be sure to carry a sunglasses case when sporting sunglasses whether or not they have are shatter and scratch-resistant. If that doesn’t help either, then stick to full rims and folding sunglasses.

List of things to look for

Many people choose sunglasses for fashion or comfort and overlook the key role that shades play. It is, in reality, less about a fashionable pair and a lot more about the quality of the lenses. Make sure you run through this basic check list – scratch-proof and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses with anti-reflective coating to prevent distracting reflections when outdoors, polarized lenses to reduce glare and for UV protection and a Hydrophobic coating if they’re for beachwear.

Last but not least, keep them dirt proof and dustproof in a protective case when not in use. With these points in mind, sunglasses-wearing pleasure can be elongated and enjoyed.