Tips For Repairing Sunglasses

How often has your favorite pair of sunglasses broken, leaving you with a worthless pair to be tossed out? Usually, this happens when it is your favorite pair, or when you’re heading out the door and are helpless to address the problem. Oftentimes you are left with having to suffer through intense sunlight, with no way to block the annoying glare until such a time comes that you are able to replace them. However, if you are somewhat prepared and careful to note the current condition of your eyewear you might be able to avoid the hassle of searching out a replacement pair.

Many things can happen to sunglasses, let’s face it; sunglasses are much like a set of car keys. After arriving at home after a full day of errands many people will simply toss their shades along with their car keys on the first end table, or dining room table that they encounter. Sunglasses oftentimes get accidentally sat on, or scratched; there are a million other things that can happen to them just through day-to-day usage.

There are a few things that can be done to repair your sunglasses depending on the damage that has been inflicted upon them. Often time’s sunglasses develop a loose screw where the frame arm is attached to the end pieces, which is a quick fix if you have the appropriate tools. Obtaining a repair kit for sunglasses is a great idea if you’re hoping to enjoy your sunglasses for any length of time. Within these convenient kits, you will find screwdrivers that work with those tiny screws. Assuming you have the chance to tighten the screw before it works completely out, you can simply tighten it. If you actually lose the screw, the kit will have replacement screws. Also, included in a typical repair kit you will find replacement nose pads, assorted screws and bolts and of course the very handy screwdriver.

Loose screws or lost screws are a fairly simple fix if you have the right tools, but what do you do if you’ve discovered your sunglasses have been sitting on? For fixing this it will depend on the materials that they are made (metal or plastic). If you have a wireframe, such as an aviator style, it is simply a matter of isolating where the bend is out of shape and using a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend them back into place. You will find placing your sunglasses on a flat surface upside down to be very helpful for determining where the bend is. In this position you can also address an issue of lopsidedness, using the same needle nose pliers to adjust the arms to an even position. Alternatively, if you have plastic framed sunglasses and discover a bend there is a handy trick. Place the sunglasses over boiling water to soften the plastic and allow you to manipulate the shape. Note, the frames will be hot so be sure to have protective gear on your hands when you prepare to reshape the frames. This trick also works very well if you’ve discovered that after wearing your sunglasses for any length of time you develop a mild headache from the temples arms resting too tightly above your ears.

Preventing scratches altogether is really the best thing and easy to do by simply storing them in a case of some sort. Hard cases provide much more security, but soft cases or a simple microfiber bag will prevent scratches just as well.

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