Sunglass Manufacturers That Give Back to the Community

There are many ways that corporations can give back to the community, and 3 different sunglasses manufacturers have found some rather novel and useful ways to help. In this article, we will explore how these three eyewear manufacturers are taking steps to improve everything from people’s vision of the environment.

Help a Range of Charities Instantly with Wild Soul

Wild Soul has thought of a very clever approach when it comes to helping the world. Their idea is to donate five dollars of the purchase of their Wild Soul Elephant Ivory Sunglasses to whatever charity their customer chooses. The feedback on this approach has been very popular. If you are looking for an easy, instant and effective way to contribute to a charity, then Wild Soul has you covered!

Panda Sunglasses Wants Us All to See Better

Polarized sunglass lenses are one of the best ways to improve your vision. What are polarized sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses effectively filter out glare and do so extremely well. Those who’ve never used these lenses before are shocked by the great boost in clarity they receive when opting for polarized lenses.

Panda Sunglasses has found another way to help people see better as well. How? Every time that Panda Sunglasses sells a pair of their hip and fun glasses, they donate to improve the way the world sees. Through their work with the TOMA Foundation, they help give those in need free medical treatment as well as free prescription glasses. These donations have helped countless people to date.

Kenny Chesney and Costa Are Helping the US Coastline

In recent years, the US coastline has taken a bit of a beating, but Kenny Chesney and Costa are working together to help. Through their limited edition sunglasses, they have found a new way to help as they are donating a percentage of proceeds to the Costal Conservation Association. The CCA is taking steps to restore coastlines from Maine to Texas and with great results. If you want to improve the state of the environment, then the purchase of one of these limited edition sunglasses is an easy and stylish way for you to have just such an impact.

Quality eyewear marks a considerable investment and one that you will want to protect. If your sunglass lenses ever become damaged or scratched, you have replacement options. It is now possible to order polarized replacement lenses and, in the process, save a great deal of money as well as time and effort. Replacing your sunglass lenses instead of buying new glasses also means lowering your carbon footprint, as you are not requiring a new pair of sunglasses to be manufactured. So keep your sunglasses out of a landfill and save money at the same time. What a win-win situation!