Gargoyle Sunglasses

You heard that right. That’s Gargoyle sunglasses. Like the big monster. Like an ogre. They are exactly just like that. It’s a monster in the sunglasses industry. There are a thousand and one pair of sunglasses in the market. From… Read moreGargoyle Sunglasses

How Sunglasses Are Made

Sunglasses are trendy fashion accessories that make you look and feel cool, but have you ever wondered how those cool shades are made? Sunglasses come in many styles, shapes, colors, and brands. There are polarized, prescription, clip-on, flexible, men’s, women’s,… Read moreHow Sunglasses Are Made

SOS Sunglasses Brand

Everyone knows how harmful the sun’s Ultra Violet rays can be to sensitive eye tissue causing drying, itching, pain, and permanent damage if your eyes are exposed too often and too long to these rays. You also know that wearing… Read moreSOS Sunglasses Brand