SOS Sunglasses Brand

Everyone knows how harmful the sun’s Ultra Violet rays can be to sensitive eye tissue causing drying, itching, pain, and permanent damage if your eyes are exposed too often and too long to these rays. You also know that wearing sunglasses designed specifically to block the sun’s harmful rays are good for your eyes and your eye health. However, most sunglasses are not made to block the sun’s harmful rays and those that do are often unattractive or ill-fitting. Those sunglasses that offer the best eye protection, fit and style often cost hundreds of dollars well beyond most people’s budgets. However, SOS sunglasses offer everyone the opportunity to have great looking and fitting sunglasses that will block 100% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays at a highly affordable price.

Features Of SOS Sunglasses

SOS has a wide range of sunglasses they offer and each style of sunglasses offers its features but, some of the features you will find in many styles of these glasses include:

  • 100% full-spectrum UV protection
  • Great fit that helps keep out debris, from flying sand and other objects
  • Composite shock frames. These frames stay on your face. They won’t bounce or shift even during the most extreme activities. These frames are also designed not to twist or bend easily.
  • Venting systems. Some SOS sunglasses have venting systems that allow for better airflow.
  • Rubberized bridge to help keep your sunglasses from slipping even when you are sweating.
  • Variety of colors in lenses including smoke or gray, amber, brown and yellow lenses.

Who Are SOS Sunglasses Made For?

SOS sunglasses are made for anyone who wants the ultimate in eye protection, style and fit at a reasonable price. There are SOS sunglasses designed for military use, active sports, fishing, water sports, winter wear and more. Of course with the great looks and fit these sunglasses offer nothing is stopping you from wearing a pair for that shopping expedition or that country drive.

One of the great things about SOS sunglasses besides their high quality is their reasonable price. While many of the big named manufacturers of sunglasses pay millions of dollars in advertising and then pass that expense on to the purchaser, SOS spends all their money on enhancing their product and leaving the advertising of their glasses up to their consumers who use word of mouth advertising. It works because these sunglasses remain to be reasonably priced while the company is growing by leaps and bounds.

What this means is that instead of paying $200.00 or $300.00 for a pair of great looking sunglasses to protect your eyes you can now spend around $50.00 give or take a few dollars for glasses that do what those name brands do for a fraction of the price. However, seeing is believing and the only way to know if SOS sunglasses are for you is to check out these glasses and to see exactly what they can offer you and your eyes.

Jason Thompson writes for, specializing in popular sunglasses brands such as Fish, Tyson, and SOS Eyewear.