Learn Why Hologram Sunglasses Are So Popular With Poker Players

There are many types of hologram sunglasses that are popular with poker players. The reason for this is that these kinds of sunglasses totally disguise the eyes and leave the other poker players wondering about your next move. When you watch a poker tournament on TV you will notice that some of the players will have hologram sunglasses on their eyes. This has become a fashion statement with many players everywhere. They love sporting these types of sunglasses when they play. You may wonder why all the poker players are wearing sunglasses where the light is dim. It is a way to emulate their players. There are some good reasons why these are so popular with many players. Many players use their sunglasses to trick the other players at times. If a person wears sunglasses the other players cannot see their eyes than they cannot figure out the next move from reading their eyes.

Hologram sunglasses are also worn to intimidate the other players. When the other players can’t see the person’s expression than they don’t know what the next move will be. Some people just like to wear hologram sunglasses because they are stylish and some of them are funny to look at. This distracts the other players at the table. These tinted glasses can be as intimidating as a blank stare would be to other poker players. Wearing these shades can protect against possible tells with the eyes covered. It is hard to read the other player with a pair of these glasses on their eyes. They can hide their eyes while at the poker table and keep everyone wondering. These are some good reasons for wearing them but there are also some negative things you should know about wearing hologram sunglasses.

First of all, when you put these sunglasses on it makes your entire environment dark and sometimes hard to see things. While playing you have to see everything clearly especially your cards and there is no room for mistakes in this game. If you decide to wear sunglasses at the table than you have to know that there are some disadvantages to doing this along with some good advantages. If you wear hologram sunglasses at the poker table you should know that the darkness of the tint on your glasses can lead to not being able to see very well while you are playing the game. Sometimes players that do not wear these sunglasses have an advantage while playing. But you will always seem to see some funny players wearing these shades. This has become their trademark and they enjoy the way they look and the sneaky way that these glasses make them feel while playing. If you play poker you must decide if you want to wear hologram sunglasses and if it will help you with your game. If wearing these types of sunglasses help you to play a better game than you can wear a pair when playing.