The History of Glasses

Interestingly enough, vision-correction has been around since the early Chinese civilizations. There were several unique – compared to modern-day knowledge – techniques to help people see better. Our ancestors’ ancestors used tricks with water, gems, and of course: glass to… Read moreThe History of Glasses

Luxury Chanel Eyeglasses

Chanel eyeglasses are an important thing in the world of eyeglasses worldwide. Well-known in the fashion industry, Chanel is an international leader in proving luxury goods, including haute couture, ready-to-wear, handbags, perfumery, cosmetics, as well as many accessories such as… Read moreLuxury Chanel Eyeglasses

Goggles Over Glasses

Goggles over glasses are used not only by motorcyclists and bikers but also by skiers, snowboarders and those who want maximum protection for their eyes – especially if they are wearing prescription glasses. These goggles are not only comfortable to… Read moreGoggles Over Glasses