Creating Spectacular Sunglass Displays

Sunglasses are not limited for the summer season alone. You won’t have to worry about having your sunglass merchandise to gather dust on its display racks waiting for the summer season to commence. This is basically because sunglasses are now one of the staple accessories that most people wear, male or female, daily. Therefore, it should likewise follow that your point of purchase fixtures should be one-of-a-kind and attractive enough to call your customers’ wandering eyes.

Here are five simple steps that you should follow to come up with spectacular sunglass displays:

In Marketing, you should understand who your target market is. Create one-word adjectives that best describes your target market. For example, you may describe the customers of your classic aviators as “macho” or “rebel” for your polarized wayfarers. After zoning in on the adjective, make sure that your eyewear displays likewise share that adjective. Imagine if you display your hot pink sunglasses in black metal sunglass racks. It would not be effective.

Custom sunglass fixtures can easily be the solution to personalize a “look” for your sunglasses. Keep in mind that your sunglass fixture units are as important as your merchandise itself. These eyewear display racks will ultimately serve as advertisements for your products. Commissioning custom sunglass display racks will ensure that your merchandise will surely stand out. Traditionally, retail POP fixtures units came in modular black stainless steel or clear acrylic. Now because of customized sunglass racks, you will only be limited to what your creative mind can come up with.

To stress this out your sunglass fixture racks don’t have to come in the traditional stainless black (and not to mention, very generic) style. Customized eyewear display racks may now come in different colors that will accentuate your store’s theme.

Make do with crisp colors and interesting visual details. A variety of colors will ensure that your merchandise will shout. What it does is breaks the linear vision of your customer creating an invisible pull for him or her to check out your merchandise. Just make sure that your customized sunglass rack has that power. Remember, a “noisy” merchandising sunglasses fixtures unit will always guarantee attention, and guaranteed attention means the probability of a high sale.

Never place all your stocks in one sunglass display unit. Your optical rack is not your inventory cache. Make sure that you only display the right amount of stocks on your sunglass merchandising rack lest your display will look too cramped and gaudy. Also, make sure that your sunglass retail display units are always well replenished.

These five simple steps will surely help you in creating spectacular sunglass displays for your merchandise. Now you have something to put your sunglasses on.

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