Glasses – No Longer Ugly

Just several generations ago, people wearing spectacles would probably be regarded as bookworms, and a majority of them always found themselves look ugly with glasses. However, today is a brand-new era! Companies are designing different types of eyewear, even reading… Read moreGlasses – No Longer Ugly

Wearing Glasses Story

Not so long ago, getting prescription glasses meant you were a nerd who had strained your eyes with too much study – or you were getting really, really old! Today, however, prescription eyeglasses are proving more popular than ever as… Read moreWearing Glasses Story

Prada Sunglasses & Eyewear

Prada is an internationally well known Italian high-fashion company specializing in luxury goods for both, men and women including, clothing, leather accessories, shoes, sunglasses, and haute-couture. Prada Sunglasses are trendsetters in designer fashion eyewear accessories and are always exceptionally stylish…. Read morePrada Sunglasses & Eyewear