Primary Benefits of Sunglasses

There are many reasons to wear sunglasses, and everyone has one of their own. Whether it is to mask a hangover, create mystery or escape the paparazzi, sunglasses are a part of everyday life. However, often the true benefits of this popular accessory are lost when fashion or other purposes take over. It may not be your only reason, but your best reason for sunglasses should be to protect your eyes.

Science has come a long way in correcting vision gone bad. Corneal transplants help a blind person see again. Laser treatment can restore your eyesight to 20/20 or better in mere minutes. Even with all this technology, wouldn’t it be easier to take care of your eyes from the start? By simply wearing good sunglasses, you will reduce your need for these scientific breakthroughs later in life.

The sun creates ultraviolet light rays which contribute to the heat it produces. These rays, called UVA and UVB can cause irreparable damage to your retina and corneas. If you’ve ever watched an eclipse, you know you had to do so through a pinhole in a shoebox. This is because staring directly to the sun can cause great damage to your eyes. Unfortunately, many people are unknowingly allowing their eyes to suffering the same fate by simply choosing not to wear sunglasses.

Such disorders as cataracts, macular degeneration, and even skin cancer around the eyes can be signs of sun damage and can be prevented in part by the use of sunglasses. Cataracts are an eye condition that involves clouding of the lens behind the Iris and Pupil. Although no one truly knows what causes cataracts, studies have shown links between this condition and increased exposure to ultraviolet light. Though we do not know 100% that this is the cause, it has been determined that people who habitually wear sunglasses have seen a decreased incidence of this eye disorder.

Macular degeneration causes those who suffer from it to have difficulty seeing in detail. Often even faces are hard for these people to distinguish. This disease, like cataracts, is most prevalent in elderly patients. However, also like cataracts, prolonged exposure to sunlight without the protection of sunglasses has been included as a probable cause. Individuals who practice care in selecting sunglasses with 99%-100% UV protection stand a greater chance at avoiding this fate.

Think about the last time that you spent all day in the sun and were really badly sunburned. You probably took cold baths and slathered yourself in Aloe Vera. It is a painful condition to be in when this happens to your skin. Now, imagine what that same sunlight that gave you second-degree burns on your skin is doing to your eyes when you choose not to protect them with proper sunglasses. That alone should be motivation to hit the sunglass kiosk at the mall.

You don’t often think of sunglasses as something that will protect your skin. In reality, a good pair of sunglasses can save your face in more ways than one. Increased exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and will attach the most sensitive areas first. How much more sensitive can you get then the skin around your eyes. Sunglasses can reduce the risk of skin cancer in the eyelids and areas around your eyes.

Another benefit your skin will enjoy from a good pair of sunglasses is a decreased appearance of lines around the eyes. Simple logic tells us that distorting the face in certain ways on a regular basis can cause premature wrinkles and increase the signs of aging. When you do not wear sunglasses, you tend to squint, as your eyes are uncomfortable being opened under bright light. Sunglasses can actually help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet by allowing your facial muscles to remain relaxed.

Your eyes are one of your most valued features. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow and not being able to see? Many people are born blind and would give anything for the eyes you take for granted every day. A good pair of sunglasses will protect you against a world of eye disorders and pain. If you don’t protect this valuable possession, before you know it, it could be gone.

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