Men’s Sunglasses: The Top Trends Of 2012

For most men, sunglasses are used to make a statement about who they are. But as far as different styles go, men’s sunglasses tend to be a bit more straightforward and sophisticated, rather than being funky and loud like women’s sunglasses.

When it comes to designer sunglasses for men, you don’t need to look far. From the guy on the beach to the office and from sports to the military, here are some of the top designs that ruled the men’s sunglasses world of 2012:

The aviator look:

The style and sophistication of the Tom Ford aviator sunglasses as always tops the list of the best sunglasses for men. The aviator is a classic and looks good on just about everybody while keeping the look authentic. With it’s signature tubular templates, gradient shield lens and simple design, the aviator sunglasses were worn by men from all walks of life.


Where sunglasses for men are concerned, 2012 saw the return of the 50’s retro style, oversized frames, and bold colors were amongst the favorites for trendy young men. The Buddy Holly inspired large rectangular frames that were a common sight throughout the year.


For all those who work hard and play harder, the sporty style with a contemporary edge was back in fashion for men’s sunglasses. Whether on the golf course or in the office, this was a must-buy for the men looking for sunglasses they could wear everywhere from traveling on the road to the office. The sleek look combined with the sports features made it a favorite amongst men.

Military sunglasses:

Designed especially for the military to battle in extreme environments, these sunglasses are made to save eyes and possibly even lifetime. The standard-issue sunglasses for the military are a hot favorite of celebrities and normal people alike. The classic style of these sunglasses for men has allowed it to stay in fashion over the years.


Favored by most of the famous designers, the rimless men’s sunglasses provide a stylish edge along with a futuristic design. Although being the most fragile among the sunglasses for men, it provides a different look for the men who don’t look good in the usual designs.


The stylish and cool wrap-around sunglasses appealed to the men who were engaged in heavy-duty construction work and other recreational activities. Made famous by Ray-Ban, the wrap-around proved to be the favorite not only for protecting the eyes from ultra violet rays but also for staying in place better than other sunglasses without killing the wallet. The wrap around men’s sunglasses also proved to be the perfect accessory for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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