Various Kinds of Glasses For Men and Women

Prescription glasses have left their ‘nerdy’ connotations a long time back and have attained the status of fashion accessories. Nowadays, people use prescription glasses to accentuate their look, to portray a bold and confident appeal or just to put on a fashion-conscious appearance. With the rising demand came the rising supply and a spate of online shops dealing with prescription glasses have come up to quench the requirements.

Inevitably, countless options are now present and though most of them are unisex, there are many glasses dedicated exclusively to men or women.

It is generally believed that when it comes to men, they look for a comfortable grip and long-lasting pair of glasses. Style comes next to these two. And again, in most of the cases, it is the man’s female companion who purchases the glasses for him. Since comfort is the most important factor, if the glasses are bought from a retail store, one should always ask the man for whom it is bought for, to put the pair on and check the grip. Even slight pressure on the temples should be avoided and, if possible, corrected. Most men spend their time outside and even their relaxing times are filled with outdoor activities. So the ultra-violet coating becomes an absolute necessity. Fortunately, most of the prescription glasses sold nowadays are available with UV coating, free of charge. In the case of selecting colors, black, brown and dark gunmetal has been always considered a safe bet for men. But in case they have a creative bend of mind or are working in a field like that, unorthodox colors can also be used.

Things are different when women look for purchasing prescription glasses. Though comfort plays a vital part, style matters equally, if not more. With the increasing number of designer glasses brands entering the market with their signature styles, women now have more options than ever. These manufacturers are using the quintessential feminine color – pink-to create some marvelous designs that add a striking feminine touch to their looks. Diamantes and gunmetal motifs are also used to create a stylish aura which women just love. Most of these women’s glasses are made of light-weight material. As more women are engaging in outdoor activities, they deserve proper UV coating on their glasses as much as their male counterparts. One more thing to keep in mind is that unlike men, women’s age plays a major factor in deciding the kind of frame and color. During young age, any youthful shade and bright colors would effortlessly go with the overall look but for an older woman, sophisticated and regal colors are better choices.,  one of the leading stores of online glasses in the UK offers a wide range of prescription glasses, designer glasses, prescription sunglasses and frames for men and women of all age groups.