Buying Eyeglasses At The Optical Shop: What You Need To Know

Why do most bespectacled students look like nerds in old yearbook photos? One obvious explanation is that nobody gave much thought to fashion in those black-and-white days. Eyeglasses were seen as medical devices, plain and simple; so that’s what they were ­­- plain and simple. Fortunately for eyeglass wearers everywhere, we have a more enlightened view of spectacles today. In addition to helping us see, glasses have become bona fide fashion accessories that can actually add to and even define our look. But before we can pick out the perfect pair or frames, it helps to know what we should be looking for at the optical shop based on the following factors.

Face Shape

The main reason glasses used to make some wearers look like aliens is that the standard frames didn’t fit their faces well. But nowadays, we know and appreciate the enormous impact face shape has on finding a flattering pair of spectacles at the optical shop. Here are your best bets based on the shape of your countenance.

Round: Frames that are rectangular or square can help add balance to your round features by making them appear longer and slimmer than they are.

Oval: Although frames with geometric shapes are probably the most popular choice, odds are you’ll look good in almost any frame because your visage has a natural balance. The only frames you should avoid are oversized ones since they will disturb the symmetry of your oval face.

Square: Oval or round glasses often look best on those with angular features because they may soften square edges and make your face appear thinner than it is.

Heart-shaped: Round or square frames that feature curved edges should help draw the eye away from a broad forehead and put the focus where it belongs- on your delicate chin.

Diamond: Spectacles that are wider on top, such as cat-eye glasses, can help accentuate your cheekbones and narrow forehead.

Skin Tone

Many glasses-wearers make the mistake of ignoring their skin tone when shopping for a new pair at the optical shop. But they shouldn’t because it is more important than the eye or even hair color in finding the right match.

Cool Skin Tone

Generally speaking, if you have pink, rosy, or blue undertones, you have a cool complexion. The best frames for your skin tone are purple, blue, grey, pink, silver, black, green, and tortoise.

Warm Skin Tone

Generally speaking, again, if you have golden, yellowish, or tawny undertones, you have a warm complexion. The most flattering colors for your skin tone are gold, orange, brown, tan, red, olive, and ivory.


Many people who wear glasses have at least two sets of spectacles- one for work and one for play. Before you buy a new pair at the optical shop, it is important to consider where and when the pair will be worn. You might even assemble a small collection of glasses that can be worn based on occasion and your ever-changing moods.

With our advice and a little bit of browsing, it should be easy to select the perfect pair of spectacles at your next stop at the optical shop.