Benefits to Buying Eyeglasses Online

As the Internet retail industry has opened up to embrace eyeglasses within its consumer fold, many are left wondering what the big deal is about and why all the fuss over the ability to buy eyeglasses online? Why not simply do it as it was always done and use your optometrist as your one-stop optical wear shop? Well, for one thing – and in an era of “money talks” probably the most attractive – affordability. In years gone by, glasses frames were horribly overpriced before even taking prescription lenses into account. For many, a new pair of eyeglasses was an undesirable and unwanted necessity that fell into the “luxury items when needed” category; and was therefore only bought when the situation became serious enough to do so.

Enter the online world and by cutting out the middle man, retailers were able to rid themselves of exorbitant running costs and allow you to benefit from bare minimum prices. Statistics show that glasses bought online through reputable and quality companies are sold for up to 70% less than those same eyeglasses sold offline. These online eyeglasses are usually manufactured at the same places as their offline counterparts and therefore equal the high quality, giving consumers nothing to fear regarding the quality they are receiving. In today’s world, online-bought designer glasses may even be cheaper than an offline-bought pair of fashion frames. An added benefit is that these sites usually have regular promotions and offer a variety of coupons which make already discount eyeglasses, cheaper than you would ever have imagined.

Another benefit of this experience is its sheer simplicity. All you need is an Internet connection, your recently updated eyeglasses prescription (inclusive of pupillary distance [PD]) and an easy online method of payment. This leads us to the convenience of online shopping. Online shopping enables you to choose when you want to set aside the time to shop, as well as giving you the chance to take breaks, get opinions from friends and family and simply relax while making your choice. There will be no one pressurizing you to make a decision, or anyone pushing an undesirable choice in your face. And the best of all – once you’ve made your purchase, it will arrive at your desired destination. No need for you to extend any extra effort, or take off any extra time from your daily schedule. You also get to choose which, if any, extras you would like with your eyeglasses, such as color tints, anti-scratch coatings and/or anti-reflective coatings. This means that you stay in control of the money you’re spending and there are never any nasty surprises when the glasses arrive and you are presented with the bill. Everything is upfront and everything is your choice and decision.

The last consideration is that with the sheer amount of choices with which the online eyeglasses world provides you, the online world also offers you the opportunity to look for recommendations and comments regarding a liked frame online. This means that you can see what others have said about the same frame. What’s more, when you try on your eyeglasses frames using the site’s virtual mirror option, you can send the choices along to friends and family for their input.