An Intro to Buying Kids Eyeglasses

If you want to purchase a pair of kids’ eyeglasses there are several factors that you have to address. Unless these factors are properly addressed buying the right pair can prove to be quite difficult. There are numerous frames to choose from and so the first thing that you have to do is find out which ones your child is ready to wear and will the eyeglasses last for a long time.

Before buying kids eyeglasses you have to find out a few things about the correct lens thickness. You can find out more about this by consulting an optician. If the child’s prescription is strong then there is a need to buy thick lenses. Small-sized lenses, on the other hand, do not have many high order aberrations and so will not blur the child’s vision.

It is also important to choose kids’ eyeglasses according to how fashionable they are. Whether your child is going to wear his eyeglasses all the time or only occasionally does not matter. You need to ensure that you buy the frames that look cool and which enhance their looks. Do not buy frames that are not cool and also do not purchase frames that are too expensive or not appropriate for the child’s age.

You also need to choose between metal frames and plastic ones. At one time, parents used to opt for plastic frames because they were durable and they did not break or bend easily. Nowadays, parents are choosing metal composition varieties as these are hypoallergenic and strong and long-lasting.

Before selecting a pair of kids’ eyeglasses, be sure to check that they fit well on the bridge of your child’s nose. The eyeglasses must stay in place. An optician will help you pick the right frame. It is also important to choose the correct temple style. The temple wraps around the back of the child’s ears and they prevent the glasses from sliding or slipping off the face of your child. Cable temples are a good option and they are available with frames that are made from metal.

When choosing kids’ eyeglasses you should also look for temples with spring hinges. These are special kinds of hinges that make it possible for the temple to flex outward and so prevent damage to the eyeglasses.

Lens material is another important concern for parents who are buying kids’ eyeglasses. The best material is Trivex which is a polycarbonate and light material that is very impact resistant. When choosing lens material go with something that is light in weight and which is also strong.

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